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Mugs & Vacuum Flask

We have 2 diferents factories, we have a ceramic and porcelain factory in China,this factory make all types shapes, mugs, plates, bowls,coffe and tea cups ....etc.


We have other one factory to manufacture metal travel mugs, Stainless Steel Coffee Pot, Stainless Steel Vacuum Pot, Coffee Mug, Bullet Type Vacuum Flask.....etc.You can compare with others factories in China, you never find better price than us.

Please check us:  info@asia-factory.com

Ceramic and Porcelain factory.
CNBC mug.Ceramic.
Bosch mug.Ceramic.
Theos mug.Ceramic.

Mug Sara Lee, promotional Item.This is a porcelain mug.We have a very competitive factories.

BP mug.ceramic.
Kelloggs mug.Ceramic.
Changing colour Mug.Hot.

Nescafe mug, the must popular mug.We have maked to many countries.

Kit Kat mug.

Promotional mug.
Kellogs bowl.
Jackie mug.
Iata mug.
VW metal travel mug.
Blackberry travel mug.
Land rover Mug.

This is a Friends mug, we maked to Warner Bros.This is a metal mug and plastic abs.

Packing Friends mug

Hertz Mug.

Lexus Mug.

Metal travel mug.
Bullet Type Vacuum Flask

Roma mug ,16oz.